Gambling Website for Slot Fans – SlotJoint Casino Review

There many online casinos in the internet – thousands of them and it can be a tremendous task to choose the one that you really need and will play in considering this fact. However, there are some casinos that seem unique when you compare them to other ones, there are some websites that make it all to provide with the outrageous amount of bonus codes and advantages, there are casinos that have an enormous amount of games in the base and unquestionable reputation among the gamblers and the industry representatives.

This review is about one of such online casino – the Casino Las Vegas. It is hard to enumerate the number of reasons to play in this casino – you can find here everything that the gambler wants to see in the ideal casino.

Maybe we should start with the tremendous number of promotions which can satisfy any player for any reason and with any kind of preferences in the gambling process. Or maybe we should tell you about the outstanding gambling atmosphere – it is hard to choose as we may also should talk in details about the giant choice of games available in this outstanding gambling facility.

Well, no more what there has to be said something and maybe the strongest argument when you talk about the Las Vegas Casino are promotions and the amount of bonus codes that can bring you much more chances to win that anything else in the casino industry after you create an account and login.

Thus, that’s we are going to start from in this review.


Promotions of the Las Vegas Casino are numerous and generous. In the majority of casinos you will find 2 or maximum 3 promo codes available on the permanent basis including the welcome back while this one is going to surprise you if you are get used to greedy online gambling facilities. The is one of the most reputable websites in the industry and this means that it has gained trust and respect from the players, many of them are from Canada, others are from the rest of the world and in the year 2021 this is one of the most popular casinos.

Even the casinos in real Las Vegas can barely struggle the competition with the advantages that gives this service, and the promotions you can see here are up to date and adequate. You won’t see outdated no deposit bonuses – only free spins, extra funds on your account and many other perks that can be used by the players for their good.

It has to be mentioned that when you enter the Promotion section you can get a little bit confused about the quantity and content of the promo codes presented, however, it would be easy to figure out the benefits you can get from them as at the page of each bonus code there is given a detailed description of what you have to do and what you can get in exchange. In case that won’t be helpful or you are going to need a bit of additional explanations do not hesitate to contact the support service or you can read the sections below where you can get a detailed and precise description of all the special offers gathered by the

Welcome Pack

If you ever had a question on how to earn on just being the member of a club the Las vegas Casino grants you an answer – sign up to the online website and get an opportunity to add as much as 100% to your real money deposit. Once you do that you will be offered to get credited 100% of your cash-in to your bonus balance. That means that if you cash-in as much as 100 Euro, you are going to get additional 100 euro on your bonus account, thus it is going to make 200 euro in total.

Along with this generous offer you can claim 50 free spins to play the slot machine games on the permanent basis. 50 free spins means 50 free attempts to win real money without any limitations and note that this at fact creates the zone of free games for you where the prizes are as real as possible.

You also should note the fact that there are some limitations to the online casino bonuses from the top and from the bottom. You cannot claim the casino bonus if your first cash-in is less than $20 and you also can get a a maximum of 500 Euros of bonus funds on your account.

That means that in case you make a first deposit of 1000 euros you will get only 500 euros due to the restriction imposed by this gambling facility. It also should be mentioned that there is a wager limit enable.

Wager is the coefficient which shows the sum of bets you need to make to be able to withdraw funds after you win in case you have claimed the deposit bonus. Let’s see how that works.

At first, for the Casino Las Vegas the wager limit makes x20 for the welcome pack bonus code. The wager is multiplied by the deposit you make and the bonus funds you have acquired. That means that if you have made a deposit of 500 euros and got thanks to a bonus code another 500 euros the wager limit for you make 1000 euros multiplied by 20 which is 20 000 Euros. Do not be stopped or frightened by the sum – it is rather easy to comply this requirement – just gamble and make sure you track the wager limit.

This kind of the bonus can become for you a edge from which you are going to jump and fly up to your huge prizes and winnings – all you need to do is use the bonus code on maximum.

We also should claim that this kind of generous welcome pack is much better than no deposit bonuses left by some of the outdated casinos, as this one can list you up on several hundreds of dollars almost for free while the no deposit bonuses can only make you richer on a couple of bucks.

Your First Five Days in Vegas

If you think that the rewarding stage ends after your first deposit you do not really know what the Casino Las Vegas is really about. hee you cannot just get your free 500 Euro and go home, here you can get bonuses for the first 5 days you play including the one you get when you redeem your first promo code.

Once you get your first bonus code you are immediately able to get another one during the next five days you are gambling in the online casino. Once you have tasted the spirit of true Vegas there is no reason to stop on that – just consider getting even more extra funds on your bonus account.

For this kind of promo code which is eligible both for players in Canada and other countries in 2021 you have some limits though. at first, the deposit you make shouldn’t be less than $20 as this is the minimum sum you can deposit to get a right to claim the funds you need so much. However, we do not advice to cash-in poor twenty – it is better to use the opportunities you have gained in this brilliant facility on maximum and claim as much as you can which is 200 euros for each bonus each day.

Surely, the bonus funds percentage decreases on the daily basis for the promo code on the website, however, that doesn’t mean that you cannot do more, that you cannot earn more and invest more to reach your goals.

Just consider that you can get as much as 1000 Euros of additional funds on your balance. How many free spins can you make? How many free games can you play? And how much do your winning chances increase with this marvellous opportunity?

Considering the wager – it remains the same and still counts as a sum of your deposit and bonus funds credited to your account multiplied by 20. That is a wonderful offer for those who are really passionate about the gambling experience.

In case you can fairly estimate the benefits that are granted to you by this outstanding bonus code there is one more welcome offer that can make you even more happy as a gambler who like when his chances grow. Just imagine that – as much as three welcome offers for one casino – that is the reason newcomers here become the dedicated and loyal players once and for all.

Live Casino Welcome Offer

Live Casino is the kind of activity which lets you to feel the true gambling spirit with live dealers and other players on the other side of your screen while you are sitting at home. No flights, no tickets, or hotel room reservations – just enjoy your homing and get all the benefits that get attendees of Las Vegas landing facilities.

However, it wouldn’t be a website if you wouldn’t be offered to get another one welcome bonus improving your gambling experience and winning chances dramatically if you have just started playing live casino games.

As you can see on the picture all you need to do is to make a deposit of at least 20 Euros and then you can get as much as 25 free chips which you can use only in live casino games completely for free. For the note and for the record, all those who doubt whether this is a valuable offer – you should know that each Golden Chip costs 1 Euro which means you can play free games in the live casino and make bets of 25 Euros completely for free. How about such a kind of present just for creating an account?

There are really not so many online casinos in Canada or in any other country in the world that offers such an outstanding offer to get engaged in the live casino gambling together with all other promo codes that are available for everybody just for being club members.

However, this review is not finished and we are going to tell about some other promo codes eligible for all players after they use the welcome packs in the year 2021.

Free Spins Monday

We all know that Monday is a bad day, monday is a day when you get to work and you will be working 5 days more so no one loves Mondays. Actually, no one loved monday till the Casino Las Vegas has launched its outstanding offer for all of those who hate Mondays – there is a promo code which is eligible on a weekly basis and allows you to claim free spins for the slot machine games completely for free.

Each Monday all the most loyal players of the online casino will get as much as 5 free spins each day – 5 free games and 5 attempts to win as much as possible in the slot machines.

Aren’t you satisfied? well, then you need to know that it is not over – you also can claim 100 free spins each Monday if you have made a deposit from Monday to Sunday on the past week and this allows you to get more than  you ever wanted – 100 attempts to win and withdraw a huge amount of cash – who knows – maybe these free spins will let you win a jackpot you always wanted.

By the way when we talk about the free spins that you get in quantity of 5 it has to mentioned that it all looks like the no deposit bonus for the newcomers in some of the casinos. the only difference is that you do not only get free spins, but you also get more of them for being an active player, so we all know you have earned them by right.

Mega Vegas Bonus

Aren’t you tired from all of these bonuses, free spins that are falling on you just for being a good guy and playing games in the Casino Las Vegas? Well, don’t be. Because there is one more promo code and it is not the last benefit we all get from being players in the Las Vegas Casino. We are talking about the Mega Vegas Bonus.

As you can see on the picture you can claim from 50% to 100% bonus funds on your account once a month and use these funds you get credited to your player’s account at once after the first day of each month. What does that mean for you? That means you can claim a monthly based bonus just being a member of the club and the maximum sum you can get is 200 euros which you can use to play baccarat, pokies and other games including slot machines.

Do not hesitate to redeem that bonus, however, remember that here you have got a bit different wager terms which makes x25. That means that if you have managed to claim your maximum prize which makes 200 euros with the deposit that makes 200 euros you will need to make bets on 25 multiply by 400 which is going to make 10 000 Euros – that is the amount of bets to make to be able to withdraw funds from your online casino account. That is the offer that cannot be called regular and such an offer is fairly provided only once a month.

Loyalty Points

Now that is almost over about the regular promo codes in the Las Vegas Casino and we get to one of the most important features of any respectful online gambling website – loyalty program and loyalty points that promote your status in that program.

Let’s start from the fact that each time you perform any kind of gambling activity on the website you get loyalty points.

There is no limit to the amount of loyalty points you can accumulate and we will talk about how those affect your user experience on the website later. At first we need to figure one thing – all the loyalty points can make your gambling better and increase the winning chances.

There is different ratio when your real money you bet convert into loyalty points however the rule remain the same as the principle – the more you play, the more bets you make, the larger is the sum of the bets you make – the more loyal points are credited to your account. Note the fact that there are no loyalty points that you do not as those are very valuable prizes.

Now think about one thing – do you know many online casinos in Canada that have loyalty program enforced in 2021? It looks like your answer is yes, so why to hesitate – just enter the online casino and claim what is yours.

In order to continue winning and gathering new and new promotions one needs to track the VIP status which fully depends on the quantity of loyal points credited.

You can do this is your private area which is protected from the misuse and third parties as safe as possible – which means on the terms of the casino – no one can hack it.

VIP Program

The VIP program of the online casino is one of its most valuable assets and notable features. It is launched for all the players in the online casino from the moment they make their first deposit and lasts till the account deactivation or forever.

The VIP program lets all the players in the casino claim more benefits, gifts, bonus codes and other perks. As you can see on the picture there are three initial levels one starts from and there are 6 in total for the most dedicated, loyal and passionate gamblers.

Each time you make a deposit and make bets you are getting close to the next status that gives you even more benefits than the previous. Usually it is all about free spins you can get on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. However, there are also loyalty points you shouldn’t forget about. As you can see loyalty points are not only for leveraging your status, they are also intended for exchange on real money. yes, that’s true when you have enough loyalty points you can exchange them on Euros. For example, if you have 1000 loyalty points and the Amber status you can exchange 1000 points on 10 Euros and the ratio decreases when you status lifts up. On the last status – the Black diamond you can reclaim 100 euro from each 7500 points you have collected and this is the reason you should try this replacement of cashback service – you can hardly find an online casino with such a great amount of generous gifts and benefits combined in one place.

Play with Mobile Phone & Download a Client

In case you want to vary your gambling experience and it is not enough for you to play via the browser on your computer you always can choose among two options:

  • play via your mobile phone using the browser
  • download and install the client for desktop gambling from the website

Both options are good enough to consider. you can be upset by the fact online casino did not provide a mobile app – however, it should be noticed that there are not so many casinos with apps and if the website is well-optimized and performs smoothly you do not really need a mobile app for your android or iPhone.


the Casino Las Vegas could really a pretendent to the title of the best online casino in 2021 in Canada or even the whole world. The thing is that you as a player get an enormous amount of promotions to choose from and as much bonuses as possible just for being a member.

The good thing is that you are being treated loyal from the beginning when you can get a generous welcome bonus on your first deposit and during the next five days as well. Combining all that with other promo codes and the VIP program eligible for casino players it is obvious that deserves to be reviewed.

Author: Carole Hinson