Winning Room Casino Take a Chance to Win a Huge Jackpot!

About Winning Room in Common

Winning Room Casino is a casino that dates back to the deep 90s. The world first saw the casino in 2002, and in 2004 it received a license and was able to fully function. This casino hails from the UK and is clearly made with love. At the moment, the casino has a huge number of games, many good reviews, and more importantly – a huge number of wins. Now, in 2021, it is one of the most popular casinos, especially in Europe and the UK. The site takes care of the comfort of its users so that each player receives only pleasure, and not disappointment from games. This is a relatively adult and “experienced” casino, so its reliability can be judged by its proven service for several years. Now let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this casino.

Winning Room Casino has a standard license from Malta (MGA), as well as a license from the UK Gambling Commission, which is significant for casinos from the UK. The casino site itself is very convenient and easy to use. Having visited the site, the first thing you will see is the top 4 games that brought the largest number of wins. Among these games are Arabian Knight (with a gain of 903 thousand euros), Space Fortune (with a gain of 111 thousand euros), Super Lucky Frog (32 thousand euros) and Divine Fortune (62 thousand euros). As for games, the casino offers a huge range of various online games that you can play for money, bonuses and in the free version. The casino also offers Live Casino, which has gained great popularity over the past few years. Further, the site offers a choice of language.

Among the languages ​​several are available, namely Swedish, German, English, International and Norwegian. This greatly simplifies the use of the site. The menu itself on the site is very simple and clear. In the upper left corner, the site immediately provides several necessary options, such as Offers, Casinos and Live Casinos and Support. It is worth noting that the support on the site works around the clock, and has such help options as live online chat, a hotline phone and of course an email address. But even with such an excellent support service, the player will also be able to find answers to frequently asked questions on the site, which also greatly simplifies the life of newly registered users. By the way, at the expense of new users. All newcomers are guaranteed a pleasant welcome bonus, which we will talk more about later. It is absolutely safe to play on the site, as the casino uses the latest encryption technologies, such as SSL technology. So you should not worry about your data that the user passes to the site. A large number of games, nice offers, a convenient site and a good support service – this is what Winning Room online casino site offers users.

Comfortable site

In addition to pleasant offers, and guarantees for a safe and fair game, the Casino offers its users and players a very convenient site. As already mentioned, the first thing that is visible on the site is the statistics of the top games that brought winnings and jackpots. These are four games, showing how many for the entire time the casino has existed, they brought victories and money to the players. Arabian Night, Space Fortune, Super Lucky Frog and Divine Fortune. The statistics are impressive. The site menu itself is rather small and at first inconspicuous. It is located in the upper corner of the screen and provides only four functions. These are Support, Live and Standard Casinos, and offers available on the site. There, next to you can find the choice of language and the option “register”.

Registration itself is quite simple, and in addition, the site step by step explains to new users how to register, what to do and what documents to provide. At the bottom of the site, users can familiarize themselves with other site options and view online casino partners. Banking systems and, of course, the site license are also indicated. At the bottom there is also information regarding the casino itself: a description of when it was created and so on. If you wish, you can click on the links listed there, and in more detail get acquainted with everything that the casino offers you. The site also recommends that you familiarize yourself with the terms that are provided there. On the main menu page, players can also immediately find a variety of games – the most popular on the site.

In general, the Winning Room online casino site is very convenient and easy to use. Nice design, an interface that is not striking, there are no pop-up signs with stocks and no provocative and cutting eyes. The design is restrained and absolutely in the English style.

Play safe

Winning Room Casino is worried and take care of its customers, therefore, it assures its users that they have nothing to worry about their personal data and passwords. The site uses a new encryption system, which allows you to reliably “hide” your data. Among these systems is SSL technology. This program guarantees a secure exchange of data between the casino and the player, thanks to the encryption and encryption system. Also, when entering his data on the site during registration, such as passport data, copies of a driver’s license, utility bills and other data necessary for the site, the user can not worry about their safety, as the site guarantees them complete safety. In addition to security systems and encoding systems, the site warns that the user must store his data and passwords in a safe place from other people, and especially in a safe place from children. Do not tell anyone the password from your site and do not leave the device on which the casino is open in an open and accessible place.

Games on Winning Room

The online casino site provides its players with a huge selection of games. From the very first minutes of being on the site, it will be clear that the games on the site are diverse and bring a large number of wins. Going to the site menu you will find two options for games – from the main casino and from the live casino. The difference in them is small, but the most important one is that in the Live Casino, real live dealers who “never sleep” will discuss you.

So if you want to feel the real atmosphere of a casino, the rustle of cards and the presence of live players and dealers, but do not want to dress up and go to an expensive casino, you are invited to play your favorite games in the Live Casino section. The presence of games in both categories is noticeably different, but nonetheless – each section carries a large number of games, all with excellent quality and great winning opportunities. Now I propose to consider in more detail each section and each casino.


Here the user can find a set of standard games and more. The section itself is additionally divided into several sections that carry games. In the beginning, your attention will be drawn to the All Games section, where the entire spectrum of games will be presented without analysis and without division into categories.

Next, your attention will be drawn to a section called Jackpot. The peculiarity of this section is that games are collected here, including games that bring one hundred percent winnings. These are games like Mega Joker, Fortune of Sparta and so on.

Further on the list you can find Slots. Here the name speaks for itself. Here you can find all kinds of slots on a variety of topics. The only drawback of this section will probably be that the games are not cataloged, which means that the player will have to try to find the very game that suits him best. For slots on the site you can find promotions that include free spins and many other bonuses.

Table games.

This section includes mainly card games and roulette. Among the variety of board games on the site you can find Baccarat, Double Xposure and others.

And finally, no less important and no less popular are the Poker Games. There are several types of this popular game on the site. Thus, everyone will find the right game that he likes.

Live casino

Live Casino, as mentioned earlier, is a casino that can be played with live dealers and even with live players, that is, with other users. The essence of a live casino is simple, you play all the same games that you can play in a standard casino, in real time and with real dealers. You can use the services of such a casino around the clock, there is no time limit, since there are many fans to play gambling in the late evening or at night.

In the list among the Live Casinos, the first thing you will be offered is the whole variety of games in which everything is located indiscriminately. This category is called All Games.

Next in the Live Casino section is Blackjack. The popular game of 21 has long been rooted in the online casino industry. And it has become no less popular in the Live Casino. On the contrary, the most interesting thing is to play this game with a live dealer, since the meaning of the game itself is directly a game with the dealer. And the name is 21, because in the game it is important not to exceed the number of these cards. If a player has more than 21 cards, the dealer wins. There are several varieties of this game, but basically the essence and rules are the same everywhere.


Roulette is almost the most important symbol of any casino. A casino without roulette, even an online casino, is not a casino. There are several options for playing roulette, European, English, American and French. And also there are several more variations of this game. Playing this game with a live dealer is a special pleasure and has a special atmosphere. Therefore, choose what you prefer and go on to victory!
Baccarat. Another old and rooted casino game, the essence of which is even more in dexterity and luck than in foresight and prudence. There are also several variations of baccarat, the rules of which are very easy to read and learn.


Another very popular card game, without which, like without roulette, a casino is not a casino. As in most cases, there are also several variations of poker. Live dealers and, if desired, live players and partners in the game. All this and much more – in the Live Casino, Poker section.

And finally, there is the last section in the Live Casino section, called Others. In this section you can find several games on the football theme and a very popular game in the UK – Monopoly. And all this with live dealers. So when choosing a game there is plenty to choose from, and users can not worry that the choice is limited or the time for using this type of casino is limited.

In general, the variety and quality of games will definitely be pleasantly surprising. The casino collects games for its site from leading developers, and update them every month. Therefore, players will be pleased with the good quality and user-friendly interface.

Play responsibly

Winning Room is worried and take care of its players. In addition to the fact that the online casino site carefully encrypts and protects the user’s personal data, it also warns and protects players from gambling addiction. Dependence on gaming is on a par with drug and alcohol addiction, it is a very difficult addiction, therefore, to avoid it, the online casino offers several warning options.

Firstly, the site does not allow its use to minors under the age of 18. People giving access to children should understand the full responsibility for those who are given access. You can play only adults, sober.

The online casino site offers several options for detecting problems. If you notice that one of your friends, or you yourself become irritable, nervous, spend too much time on games, bet recklessly and go into debt due to gambling, take a short test to start to find a problem or contact immediately support service for gambling addicts. You can take the test right away on the casino website, and links to support services can be found in the Responsible.

Gaming section.

If the problem still exists and requires a solution, the casino site offers the following methods of self-restriction from games.

The casino offers the following methods of restrictions and limits:

  • Session restriction – restricts a person from long use of the site.
  • Self-exclusion – allows the player to exclude himself from using the site for a certain time (week, two weeks or a month).
  • Reality Check – a program that calculates how much time a player spent on the site.
  • Deposit limit – a limit that the user himself sets a limit on the possibility of depositing deposits on the site.
  • Limits on Loss – the so-called limit on loss.

After a player loses a certain amount of money, he is denied access to games and betting. And also a few other possible restrictions that the user himself can set for himself during the game. To set yourself such a limit, you just need to contact support, write to managers. After that, the limit will be valid for a week, and then the player can again set or change the selected limit. The user has no right to self-exclusion to play or use another site. Otherwise, the option will be simply meaningless. Play responsibly and play wisely!

Offers on Winning Room

For beginners and new users, a nice welcome bonus applies. The bonus works as follows: the player who has just registered receives a 100% bonus from the first deposit of up to 100 pounds. This bonus can be obtained by entering a special bonus code – WIN. But this is not the only bonus that the user receives.

The site has a profitable loyalty program, which works as follows. By making bets and playing real games, the player accumulates special tokens called Quickspin. Accumulating these tokens and points, the user can spend them usually in free and bonus slots, and can also spend them on free spins. This online casino does not have a VIP program, so this loyalty program is a great alternative. You can view your points and calculate their number on your account.

Mobile App

A great privilege for online casinos is the availability of a mobile application. The Winning Room casino site has just that. The site offers a very convenient application, with excellent support for all the programs that are on the official site if you use it from a PC. The games on this application are characterized by good graphics and excellent quality. A wide variety of games – and everything is available on your phone and more. The application adapts to any screen resolution, whether it be a tablet or smartphone. The application supports iOS and Android software. So active smartphone users and inveterate players will be absolutely satisfied.


Like any other site, Winning Room online casino provides an excellent and first-class support service. Here, players can choose between three ways. This is a live chat, email and telephone hotline. All three resources operate around the clock, 24 hours 7 days a week. The most convenient and fastest way to contact support is live chat. There, managers are always ready to help people solve their problems. Starting a live chat, you choose a category in which you are interested in this or that information. Email exists to address more global issues that require a detailed description.

In addition, on the site you can find a section of frequently asked questions that already have answers. There you can find information such as how to withdraw money from the site, how to register, what to do if the user has forgotten his password, and so on.

As for the conclusions and making deposits, there will not be many questions with this. When a user registers, he indicates the banking system that he uses. If you make a deposit, you will use this particular specified system. When using a bank card, you are required to use only your bank card, that is, issued in your personal name. The player does not have the right to make bets and make a deposit from someone else’s bank card. The withdrawal of money is exactly the same. At the same time, the banking system that was used when making the deposit will be used.

The site allows such banking systems as Skrill, Neteller, Instant Bank Transfer, VISA, Mastercard, VISA Electron, WebMoney and Paysafe. And you can do all of the above operations by going to your account, in the Withdraw money section. All withdrawal methods do not require a commission. The time for charging money depends on which system you use. Usually, money is credited instantly, but with systems such as VISA and Mastercard you have to wait a couple of days. But user reviews are very good when it comes to withdrawing money, so there is no need to worry about casino honesty.

Total review

Having considered all aspects of Winning Room casino, we can draw the following conclusions. With a good license from two countries – Malta and the UK. This is a very “experienced” and one can even say “experienced” casino, functioning since 2004. The site has a good reputation among users. Quick cash outs, good customer support. Most casinos should be judged by its games. The casino site receives its games from leading developers, and updates them every month. There are absolutely various games, and even Monopoly is familiar to everyone. Dealers who work 24 hours a day are also a big plus and a big privilege. Live casino is common, but dealers working around the clock are a luxury for those who want to feel the beauty and atmosphere of a real casino without leaving home. Also, a welcome bonus and other promotions will be a huge bonus.

The casino does not stop at the welcome bonus, so if you want to find out for additional promotions or bonuses – just write to managers or contact support. There is no VIP program on the site, this is a minus, but there is a Quickspin loyalty program. This is a plus. Thanks to this program, the player has the opportunity to receive free spins and other bonuses. Another plus will, of course, be a mobile application that does not spoil the quality of the games. Typically, mobile versions spoil image quality, but not in this case. Here you can be sure that the quality of the games will remain unchanged. And of course, an excellent data protection system. When registering at any online casino, you provide the site with a huge amount of personal information. Therefore, it is imperative that this information remains protected. When playing at this online casino, you don’t have to worry about your data. Therefore, be sure of the quality and power of attorney of online casinos. Play wisely and count only on luck!

Author: Carole Hinson